Thursday, 24 March 2011


Author: Unknown
by James Metcalfe
A photograph is more than just
A gift to bring or send.
And more than just the likeness of
A relative or friend.

It is a kindly greeting and
A memory to hold.
Of happy times and pleasant things.
However new or old.

It is a mirror that reflects
Companionship and cheer.
And now and then the wistfulness
That turns into a tear.

A photograph is something to
Adorn a desk or wall.
Or carry in a pocket and
Display to one and all.

It is a faithful portrait
The smile that friendship shares
To add its sunshine and to show
That someone really cares.

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sha said...

nice poem..

like it..

tiEra said...

great!!!!u reka sendiri ke????

regreatnosoul said...

eh x la itu kita amek dari satu website tu...die punya link pun ade kita ltak skali.tgk best kongsi kta blog nih......