Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Some picture I took in January


norifa bte nordin said...

i got a canon d1000.
using a potraits lens.50mm 1.8
tp klu amek gmbar some jd some mmg xcntik.
sbb xpndai la nk amek lg.klu pki manual lg la xpndai

regreatnosoul said...

actually u have a good gear and a good lens..50mm is a good lens for portrait...Don't worry before tangkap banyak benda nak diperhatikan macam exposure..Tapi yang paling penting fahami gear awak dulu...because you must know how your gear work..thats all miss norifa :)

fidanie said...

Hye, nice shoot n i suka tone pd pict bunga purple tu :)

regreatnosoul said...

thanks fidanie,just playing with tone...weeee